Real-time monitoring

JUSA is a company that continuously invests in the latest technology in the transport industry.

Our units are equipped with cameras and cellular devices that allow our team to track your cargo 24/7.

Technology features

  • Our operators are equipped with mobile devices with full-time access to our Traffic, Maintenance, and Monitoring staff.
  • Our units are equipped with GPS trackers and are monitored 24 / 7 from our Control Center in Torreon, Coah., Mexico
  • Real-time monitoring allows our staff to detect unauthorized stops and non-planed situations to prevent problems with your freight.

DVR devices with 1 TB hard drives give our monitoring staff access to 4 cameras in real-time, record activities for 24 hours a day, and archive them for 30 days.


Dome cameras with night vision, protected against dust and water.


Our units are equipped with 4 cameras that allow us to monitor in real-time the following areas:

  • Cabin interior
  • Front view
  • Rearview – right
  • Rearview - left